Rahul Arora


Kenrick Gibson

My agent Mr. Rahul Arora was Extremely knowledgeable, professional but most importantly for me, he was honest, sincere and took the time to assist me every step of the way. As a first time home buyer he really made the process very simple for me to not only purchase but to renovate and convert my house into a home !!! The absolute best experience I have encountered in a while... I 1000 % recommend these guys for all your housing needs... Thank you so much Rahul, I could not be happier !

Surendra Tavvalu

We made a couple of transactions with Rahul. Toronto is swarmed by realtors but what set him apart is his patience and frank ,honest reviews of our opinion which makes him trust Worthy. He quickly got us a house for our very specific requirements and sold our old one at the right time. If I look back now, can say that he saved us good money with his market insights and statistics. I definitely recommend him to my Family and friends.

Faisal Khan

I had an amazing experience with Rahul with him being available on msg/call and in person 100% of time. Rahul understood my requirements and showed me houses accordingly with him being on time for every appointment. He has tremendous patience and stamina to show you as many houses as you would like. He does not only have amazing contacts but would also provide you good suggestion for what’s good for you and reasonsble.

Rajeev Arora

Team is known for its sincerity and hard work. I would recommend the team for all kind of real estate services..

Selam Geg

My husband and I worked with Rahul to sell our current house and purchase onther one and really can’t say enough good things about him. he is knowledgeable, approachable, personable, incredibly friendly. He answered every question and explained every form and every part of the process clearly and thoroughly. We highly recommend Rahul.

Shrey Malhotra

Awesome...Go for it!!!Highly innovative and best in the business!!

Jermaine Lewis Ivers

Wonderful man, incredibly knowledgable. Will 100% recommend to friends and family!!!

Shubham Gupta

A great help from rahul when it came to buying a house in Toronto for my cousin.

Rahul Sharma

Really knowledgeable and knows his stuff! Will definitely recommend

Nitika Jain

Knowledgable and highly client focussed!!! 100% recommendable!!!!